Upcoming Releases: Suzuki Splash

suzuki splash

Working with Changhe Auto (now a subsidiary of Chang’an Auto), Suzuki will release the Splash city car in China towards the end of this year, about 8 months behind the original schedule.

Developed by Suzuki in partnership with Opel and debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Splash fits between the Alto supermini and Swift subcompact. Built on the same platform as Swift and SX4, it has a shortened wheelbase of 2360mm, the same as that of the current Alto from Chang’an Suzuki. 3715mm long, 1590 mm wide, and 1680mm high, it is longer, narrower, and higher than the current Swift.

Available presently in Europe, Japan, and India, Splash is equipped with 1.0-1.3 liter engines. In China, however, it will most likely get a 1.4 liter, the K14B found on the current Beidouxing–the Chinese version of Wagon R–and rated at 70kW/ 6000rpm and 112 Nm/4000 rpm. The K10B 1.0 liter, which powers the current Alto, is also likely to be employed. Two gearbox options will be provided: 5MT and 4AT.

Estimated price range: 50,000-70,000 yuan.