FAW-Toyota Releases 2011 Reiz

The new Reiz released today by FAW-Toyota disappoints many. Expected to be the Chinese-made second generation Mark X, it is only a superficial follower of it, and an overpriced one.

The exterior is restyled after the existing Mark X in Japan, but the dimensions are different. The 2011 Reiz is 5mm longer and 15mm higher. Compared with the previous generation, both are 20mm wider, while the wheelbase remains the same at 2850mm.


Under the hood, the new Reiz gets hardly anything new. The old 5GR-FE 2.5-liter V6 and 3GR-FE 3.0-liter V6 engines are provided instead of the more advanced and powerful 4GR-FSE 2.5-liter and 3GR-FSE 3.5-liter found on the second generation Mark X. Somehow, this time the 5GR and 3GR are both down-rated a bit–from 145kW to 142kW for the former and 170kW to 167kW for the latter.

As expected, the all-wheel drive option seen Japan is not provided; all seven trims have a rear-wheel drive layout. One major upgrade the 2011 Reiz does get is the radar cruise control, available on three upper trims.

The price range, between 209,800 and 326,800 Yuan ($31,300-$48,800), is slightly lower than that of the old Reiz, although still far higher than that of the current Mark X in Japan at $26,300-$42,000.

For specifications and photos, please click here.