Abandoning “Chana,” Changan Revamps Visual Identify

Changan Auto Group, the fourth largest automaker in China, unveiled four new emblems today at Beijing’s Water Cube, deserting the "Chana" designs.

(below: the new Changan passenger car logo)

changan logo passenger car

The current shield-shaped passenger car logo will be replaced by a "V" representation, signifying "victory" and "value." The CX20, to be released on the coming Wednesday, will be the first model to bear the new brand, others to make the switch next year. One Changan official says that the shield-design evokes Changan’s ties with the defense industry, thus hampering the effort to build an inviting and friendly image.

changan auto new logo

(below: abandoned Chana logos)

changan auto old logo

Changan also plans to launch an all new marque sometimes in 2011 for its upcoming luxury car division.

The new logo for Changan commercial vehicles retains the red overlaying of "A" and an oval, while excluding the word "Chana".

(below: the new Changan commercial vehicle logo)

changan auto logo commercial vehicle

Also introduced today are new graphic designs for the company name in Chinese and English, and for Changan’s public service sector, "Changan Cares," which centers around the Chinese character for "love."

(below: new logo of Changan’s company name, and of "Changan Cares"

changan auto name logo text
changan cares logo