Both VW NMS and Seventh Generation Passat Are Coming to China

Sources within Volkswagen confirm that the seventh generation Passat (MK7), unveiled earlier this week at 2010 Paris Motor Show, will be built and released in China by FAW-VW next year, while the other VW China joint venture, Shanghai-VW, will roll out the NMS (New Midsized Sedan) in the second quarter of 2011.

(All new Passat saloon and Estate)

This means next year the PQ46 platform will give birth to at least three different models in China: Passat MK7 (FAW-VW), NMS (Shanghai-VW), and Passat CC (released by FAW-VW in July 2010). The current, six generation Passat from FAW-VW (B6, called "Magotan"), also based on the PQ46, will likely be discontinued.

Outside China, the NMS will be available in North America, which will not get the MK7, but not Europe, where the MK7 will be released next month (in UK).

vw nms

According to Chinese media, the new Passat from FAW-VW will be an extended, long-wheelbase version. While in Europe, at 4769mm for the sedan version, it is 4mm longer than the six generation sedan model, it will be at least 100mm longer in China–to create more legroom in the back row.

Currently, Shanghai-VW still produces and sells the fifth generation Passat (B5 "Passat" and B5.5 "Passat Lingyu"). It is unknown at present if the B5s will be replaced by NMS.

In the first half of this year, Volkswagen Group sold 950,200 cars in mainland China and Hong Kong, which accounted for more than a quarter of its global sales of 3.5 million in the same period.