Hafei Saibao EV: The First Chinese-made Car to Be Sold in the U.S.?

After years of failed attempts, Chinese-made cars seem finally coming to American highways–and they are all-electric!

They will be sold under an American brand, though.

Later this year, the California-based EV venture, CODA Automotive, is to sell in its home state a Hafei-built, all-electric sedan, the American version of Saibao EV.

The gasoline-powered Saibao, first in 2005, was originally designed by Italy’s Pininfarina and employed Mitsubishi’s chassis technology. The development of Saibao EV has been a joint effort of companies from both sides of the Pacific: Hafei Auto (now part of Chang’an/Chana Auto Group), Tianjin Qingyuan (a small EV company), Tianjin Lishen (battery maker), CODA Automotive, and
UQM Technologies (developer of EV powertrains).

Saibao EV has been showcased at the 2009 Shanghai and 2010 Beijing Auto Show, although Hafei has yet to disclose its general release date or sticker price in China (in America, the CODA sedan has a projected sticker price of $44,900).

hafei saibao ev
(Hafei Saibao EV)

Powered by lithium-ion battery packs, it is said to have a range of 180-210 km, be able to run as fast as 120 km/h, and consume about 15 kWh of electricity per 100 km.

(All pics below: CODA sedan)
coda sedan ev

Seen from the photos released by CODA, the American version will get major upgrades in the interior; the seats and center console look significantly different from those we saw on Saibao EV.

For more photos of Saibao EV, please click here.

coda sedan ev
coda sedan ev
coda sedan ev
coda sedan ev