Honda Crosstour Hits Chinese Showrooms

GAC-Honda officially launched the Accord crossover today in Shanghai. Marketed as a "luxury" sports coupe-crossover, the Chinese-made Crosstour is available in two 2WD trims, "Premium" and "Flagship," which sell for nearly twice as much–at 398,800 and 428,800 yuan, respectively–as the North American versions (EX 2WD and EX-L 2WD). The North American 4WD versions are not introduced.

honda crosstour china gac

The good news is that both trims employ the VCM 3.5L V6, dispelling the fear of many that the lower trim would get the 2.4-liter found on the Accord sedan. With a maximum output of 206kW and 339Nm, the VCM can deactivate 2 or 3 cylinders and work as a smaller-displacement engine to save fuel and reduce emissions. It is matched to a five-speed auto transmission.

gac-honda crosstour china

Developed by Honda North America, the Crosstour underwent some minor styling modifications for the Chinese market.

Compared with the current Accord sedan from GAC-Honda, Crosstour is noticeably longer, wider and higher (at 4995/1900/1560mm), and has a higher ground clearance of 150mm when fully loaded; it also gets a nice extra feature: Active Sound Control (ASC), which produces noise-canceling sound waves.

Targeting a small group of consumers with peculiar tastes and deep pockets, GAC-Honda aims to sell 15,000-20,000 Crosstours a year.

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