Geely Releases All-New Englon SC5-RV Subcompact

The latest model rolling out of "The London Taxi Company" in China, Shanghai LTI, is nothing like the black taxicab TX4, which the Geely subsidiary has been building since 2008. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the SC5-RV is a small city car targeting young, single Chinese men.

geely englon logo

Earlier this year, Geely came up with a new name for Shanghai LTI, "Englon Automobile," and dropped the label of "The London Taxi Company" from its emblem. So the newly-coined "Englon," referring to "Yinglun" in Chinese (an old phonetic rendering of "England"), officially joined the Geely collection of oddities which already included "Gleagle" and "Emgrand."

The SC5-RV is available in two trims priced at 55,300 yua ($8,300) and 59,300 yuan ($8,900), both equipped with a 69kW 1.5L engine and a 5-speed manual transmission.

geely englon sc5 rv

With a 2461mm wheelbase and 3919mm body length, the SC5-RV never intends to outsell by size its rivals like the 1.5L Chery Fulwin hatchback, BYD F3R, and Brilliance FRV. Instead, it endeavors to win young drivers by offering better handling, greater looks, and more conveniences. Even the lower trim comes with ABS/EBD, speed- and crash-sensors, remote key, and GPS.

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