Hummer-Inspired Chinese Trucks (1): Dongfeng “Hanma” (EQ-2050, 2058)

The mighty beasts of the Hummer have been sterilized in their home country, but lack no heirs or impersonators in the Central Kingdom. Although the bid from Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines to buy the brand was rejected by the Chinese government, several companies there are determined to keep alive this "symbol of conspicuous consumption," expecting more Chinese to embrace the American largeness.

Quite a few native-brand civilian cars and trucks have claimed to be Chinese Hummers. Some, like the newly-released Foday Explorer 6 and Dongfeng Xiaokang V27, bear little resemblance. Yet, three seem to be faithful adherents of the Hummer in both spirit and form. Whether as good–or bad–in substance, they are true aspirants.

(1) Dongfeng "Hanma:" EQ-2050/2058

The best-known Chinese imitator of Hummer is Dongfeng "Hanma," the civilian version of the military truck EQ-2050/2058 (called "Mengshi" in Chinese). Originally derived from AM General HMMWV, EQ-2050/2058 has employed imported Hummer H1 chassis and GM V8 6.5L diesel engines, although Dongfeng has been working hard for self-reliance.


Weighing more than 3 tons (curb weight at 3250kg), it is 4970mm long, 2134mm wide, and 1960 tall, with a 3300mm wheelbase. Besides the V8 turbo-charged diesel engine, which puts out 145kW/3000rpm and 583Nm/1600rpm, a less-powerful Dongfeng-Cummins 4-cylinder is also offered.

The V8 comes with a 650,000 yuan price tag, the 4-cylinder 400,000.

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