Hummer-Inspired Chinese Trucks (2): Xiao Long XL2060L

xiaolong xl2060l

Xiao Long Auto, the little-known company based in Wuhan–which is also home to Dongfeng, started to roll out the XL20 series off-road vehicles in October 2008. Among them the XL2060L pickup especially excites Chinese Hummer fans.

chinese hummer

While acknowledging influences from the Hummer and Germany’s Unimog, Xiao Long claims that it owns "full intellectual property rights" over the X2060L, which employs only Chinese-made parts (imported are optional).

chinese hummer
chinese hummer xiaolong

With a curb weight of 3700kg and wheelbase of 3390mm, it is even heavier and bigger than Dongfeng EQ-2050. Yet it is powered by a smaller, 3.2L Steyr diesel engine which can develop up to 135kW. With a max. speed of only 115km/h, it gulps 20 liter fuel per 100 km.

Xiao Long trucks are priced between 400,000 and 700,000 yuan. For more details you can visit here.