Hummer-Inspired Chinese Trucks (3): BAIC Yongshi


Yongshi is a Jeep styled somewhat like a Hummer. It is the official successor of the first-generation Chinese military Jeep BJ212 produced by BAIC from the mid-1960s to early 1990s. Developed in a time when the marriage between SAIC and Chrysler Jeep , which lasted between 1983-2009, was in decline, the current Yongshi tries to appeal to a wider audience by imitating the bulky look of a Hummer while lacking real muscles.


Still serving the People’s Liberation Army, Yongshi is available to the public in four versions of two engine options: a 2.7L 110kW and a diesel 3.0L 101.5KW 4-cylinder. The two long wheelbase versions have a seating capacity for 8 people, the short wheelbase 5 people.

Priced around 190,000 yuan, Yongshi is gaining popularity among Chinese Hummer and Jeep fans who cannot afford the real thing.

Visit here for more photos and details of BAIC Yongshi.

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