2011 Volvo S80L Employs Smaller, GTDi Engine

Lower price tags, increased fuel-economy, uncompromised performance, and same great looks. That is the 2011 long-wheelbase S80 released by Changan-Volvo on December 1.

Yet many still wonder if the new S80L is as good as the A6L from FAW-Audi.

volvo s80l

Featuring the technology called GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection), the new 2.0L engine has comparable outputs with the replaced 2.5L (the former rated at 149kW/6000rpm and 300Nm/1750-4000rpm; the latter 147kW/4800rpm and 300Nm/1500-4500rpm. Helped by reduced body weight and a new, Powershift 6-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), the 2.0T’s 0-100km/h time improves by 0.1 second over the 2.5T’s (8.5 vs. 8.6 seconds), while overall fuel economy improves from 11 to 9.2 liter per 100km.

Two 3.0T versions of all-wheel drive are retained, mated to the old 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Exterior styling and dimensions remain unchanged. A few minor upgrades take place inside.

With MSRPs between 368,000 and 658,600 yuan, the three 2.0T models see a price cut of 30,000 yuan compared with the 2.5Ts, and the two 3.0Ts are each 20,000 yuan cheaper.

For more photos and details of the 2011 S80L please click here.

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