China’s Highway Network Expands to 74,000 Kilometers

China’s Minister of Transport, Li Shenglin, disclosed on Dec. 28 that the country has 74,000km of highways at the end of 2010, 33,000km more than five years ago.

Also called expressway or motorway, a highway in China refers to a dual carriageway (with two directions of traffic separated by a central reservation) having limited access and grade separated junctions; speed limits vary between 70km/h and 120km/h.

The Minister also said that new road constructions according to the next Five-Year-Plan (for the 2011-2015 period) will make China surpass the US as the country having the largest highway network, the latter’s expressways currently extending about 100,000km.

The total length of all public roads in China gained 639,000km in the past five years to 3,984,000km.