JMC, a Ford Partner, Releases First Passenger Car–Yusheng SUV

Jiangling Motors Co. Ltd (000550.SZ), which produces Transit vans in partnership with Ford, launched Yusheng mid-size SUV on Dec. 5. Built on one of its pickup-truck platforms, N350, Yusheng has a body-on-frame design and is powered by a 2.4L TDCi engine (JX4D24) of Ford technology.

Two RWD 5-seat versions hit showrooms, priced at 138,800 and 163,800 yuan. They will be joined by four more 2.4T models, including 7-seat and AWD ones, as well as a gasoline 2.4L 5-seater. All will have a 2750mm wheelbase and 4740mm body length.

jmc yusheng suv

The turbocharged diesel common-rail engine develops 90kW at 3800rpm and 290Nm at 160rpm. It is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission. No automatic gearbox is provided.

The body design of Yusheng is said to be done by Italy’s Tesco TS, while ARRK from Japan helped style the interior.

jmc yusheng suv

Yusheng is the first model to bear the all-new marque for JMC’s own passenger vehicle division, which is distinct from the red logo on JMC trucks as well as the brand for Landwind SUVs made by a joint venture of Jiangling Motors and Changan Auto (these three different logos can be found here).

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