New Models from the 2010 Guangzhou Auto Show (2): GAC-Honda Everus S1

"Everus" has attracted much attention for being the first among a new breed of local brands to launch a volume-production model–that is, the S1 at the Guangzhou Auto Show currently under way. As a marque created by a sino-foreign joint venture (GAC-Honda) specifically for the local market, Everus is distinct from the brand of either side of the partnership (GAC or Honda).

What is unveiled at the show, however, makes many shake their heads in disbelief: the Everus S1 is not even old wine in a new bottle.

gac-honda everus s1
gac-honda everus s1

On display is a re-badged Honda city subcompact of a 1.3/1.5L engine, a model that has been out of production for years. GAC-Honda did not even bother to do much of a cosmetic upgrade (they put on a new grille for sure). The joint venture obviously takes Everus as a useful channel to recycle outdated Honda models.

Pic: compare Everus S1 (below) and Honda City (above).

gac-honda everus s1

Since the "Everus" brand was introduced more than three years ago, three slick-looking concept cars had been presented (see our article here). Now we know they are only visual deceptions.

If this is what the new breed of local brands are about (Dongfeng-Nissan and Dongfeng-Honda have similar projects), we are off better without them.