Chinese Auto Sales Set New World Record of 18 Million Units in 2010

Report released today by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) shows that automakers in China built and sold more cars last year than in any other country annually in history. In total, they delivered 18,061,900 new vehicles, 32.37% more than 2009. Production increased 32.44% to 18,264,700 units. The previous record of annual vehicle sales of a single country was set by the US in 2000–17.4 million units.

Passenger-car sales grew 33.17% to 13,757,800 units, as demand for SUVs more than doubled. 9,494,300 sedans were sold, 27.05% more than 2009; 2,492,100 crossovers, 27.77%; 1,326,000 SUVs, 101.27%; 445,400 MPVs, 78.92%.

4,304,100 commercial vehicles were sold, up 29.9%; 4,367,600 were built, up 28.19%.

In the last month of 2010, deliveries reached 1,666,700 units, up 17.9% from a year ago but down 1.79% from November, including 1,308,600 passenger cars and 358,100 commercial vehicles. Production gained 22.3% on year to 1,864,800 units.