Geely MK and Jinying Cross Now Sold under the Englon Nameplate

Geely puts the Englon logo on two more existing models, the MK and Jinying, taking one step further in retiring "Geely" as a vehicle marque (it will be retained as a company name). Now the Englon product line features seven models: the TX4 (London taxi), SC5-RV, SC7 (previously Shanghai Maple Haijing), MK, MK2 (second generation MK), Jinying, and Jinying cross.

Englon Automobile ("Shanghai Yinglun"), used to be called The London Taxi Company or Shanghai LTI, was established in late 2006 as a joint venture between Geely and Manganese Bronze Holdings to produce the TX4 taxicab in China. The subsumption of other models under the Englon brand since then is primarily a marketing strategy designed to refresh and elevate their image through an overseas connection.

geely mk2 englon
(above: Englon MK2, formerly Geely MK2)
geely jinying cross englon
(above: Englon Jinying cross, formerly Geely Jinying cross)

No modifications or upgrades besides the change of nameplate have been the carried out on Englon MK, MK2, and Jinying. At the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show in April, Geely is expected to unveil the third generation MK, which bears a preproduction code of LG-4. Extensive restyling will be seen, but the same 1.5-liter will continue its service.

third gen geely mk englon
(a rendering of the third generation Geely Englon MK)

Geely plans to release eight new models this year under Englon, Emgrand, and Gleagle brands: Gleagle GC3 (the next generation Geely CK), GC7 (the next generation Geely FC), GX7 SUV, and GV5 MPV; Emgrand EX7 SUV; Englon SC5 notchback sedan, SX5 SUV, and SV5 MPV.