Update: How Many Cars Are There in China?

Data released on March 1 by the National Bureau of Statistics of China show that the number of registered automobiles for civilian use reached 90.86 million units at the end of 2010, up 19.3% from a year earlier. The tally includes 12.84 million three-wheeled motor vehicles and low-speed trucks and vans.

The number of privately owned automobiles that can legally run on the roads was 65.39 million, increasing 25.3% on year, including 34.43 million sedans, up 32.2%.

In Beijing, there were 4.809 million registered automobiles (4.529 million for civilian use), up 19.7% from 2009 and 86.2% from 2005. 3.744 million of them were privately owned, including 2.759 million sedans.

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