A Glimpse of Cadillac’s New Role

The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 90th birthday on July 1 this year. Among the many offerings prepared for the 90-year-old is the Cadillac-sponsored, star-studded propaganda film, "The Founding of a Party," which is schedule to hit theaters across China on June 15 (see our post "Cadillac Sponsors Communist Propaganda Film"). On March 29, China Film Group, maker of the film, unveiled the posters and lined up the stars for photo at a press conference held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall.

china cadillac communist propaganda film

What caught our eyes was not the posters of the film, but the banner of the event hanging outside the Exhibition Hall. The Cadillac sign, at the lower right corner of the banner, is relatively small, but blatant.

Good propaganda for the Party. Good entertainment for the people. Good business for GM.