German Luxury Car Makers Post Big Q1 China Gains

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all posted record first-quarter sales in China, growing ahead of the local market which expanded about 8% in the first three months.

Although it continued to outsell the other two brands in China, Audi gained at a slower pace, of 24.6% on year, with Q1 deliveries reaching 64,112 units. China is now the biggest market of Audi, passing Germany (56,283 in Q1) and the US (25,383).

Sales of Mercedes-Benz cars surged 78.2% to 42,990 units. To include AMG, Smart, and Maybach, Mercedes-Benz’s China sales gained 86% to 43,990 units (Smart, not a luxury brand, delivered 2,320 units, up 463%).

54,719 BMW-brand cars were delivered to Chinese consumers in Q1, up 69.3%. Sales of Mini increased 104% to 3,787.