JAC Delivers 500 J3 EVs (“ievs”)

JAC held a ceremony in Hefei on September 29 to cerebrate the delivery of 500 units of the J3 EV or "iev." These pure-electric vehicles were sold or leased to mostly organizational customers in two cities: Hefei, where JAC is based, and Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. The city of Chengdu bought 220 through government procurement.

jac j3 ev iev

JAC calls the released model the third generation "iev," an electric version of its J3 compact sedan. In 2010 and 2011, a total of 1,585 J3 EVs, of the first and second generation, were deployed, mostly in Hefei through government-supported programs. The company expects 4,000 deliveries for this year.

A few days earlier, J3 EV together with BYD e6 was chosen by the central government to form a fleet of pure-electric sedans serving various bureaus in Beijing.

In promoting its green models, JAC has mainly targeted cities running pilot EV programs. Besides Hefei and Chengdu, the city of Hangzhou has also agreed to buy the J3 EV.

Battery capacity was raised to 19kWh for the latest J3 EV from 15kWh on the second-gen, which extended the driving range from 100km to 130km. Two cables were provided, for recharging at posts installed by the State Grid and at home through sockets for air conditioners. A full re-charge takes about 8 hours.

Here are the specifications of the (third-gen) J3 EV or iev provided by JAC:

  JAC J3 pure-electric vehicle ("iev’)
Length/width/height (mm) 4155/1650/1445
Wheelbase (mm) 2400
Seating capacity 4
Battery type lithium-ion ferrous phosphate
Battery capacity (kWh) 19
Charging Time (h) 8
Battery life (Times of recharge before replacement is needed) no less than 2,000
Top speed (km/h) 100
Gradeability (%) 25
Driving range (km, at a constant speed of 60km/h) 180
Driving range (km, on city roads) 130
Electricity consumption per 100km (kWh, on city roads) 14

Besides the pure-electric, JAC has also developed a hybrid based on the J5 sedan and equipped with a smaller, 11kWh battery pack. With the help of an on-board gasoline engine, the J5 hybrid can continuously drive up to 350km in cities. In the pure-electric mode, it can run 55km at 60km/h.