2013 GWM C30 Comes with Minor Upgrades

Great Wall Motor releases 2013 C30 sedan today, which has the same lineup as the 2012 model. Prices for the seven 1.5L models, with a MT or CVT, remain unchanged, ranging between 64,500-83,500 Yuan (US$10,248-13,267).

great wall c30 sedan 2013
2013 great wall c30 sedan

Upgrades are limited and largely non-consequential (except perhaps the addition of daytime running lights). On the outside, one will notice that the front grille now comprises two chrome bars instead of three, wheels are changed to a five-spoke design, and the front lighting system now features daytime running lights to improve safety.

Interior modifications are more noticeable, as the instrument panel and dashboard underwent a few major cosmetic alterations to increase aesthetic appeal. One functional improvement comes to the ignition keyhole, which now gets illuminated.

2013 great wall voleex c30 interior

Above: Interior of 2013 Great Wall C30

Below: Interior of 2012 Great Wall C30

2012 great wall c30 sedan interior

Optimization is reported done regarding the model’s NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) to make the drive quieter and smoother.

The C30 (formerly Voleex C30–GWM has recently dropped the Voleex marque) is one of the most popular sedans from China’s native automakers. 85,553 units of it were sold in the first eight months of this year.