FAW-VW to Release Audi Q3 in H1 2013, with Both FWD and 4WD Options

More details of the upcoming Chinese-built Audi Q3 were revealed days before its appearance at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show. The compact crossover SUV will retain its 2603mm wheelbase in China, not to be enlarged as some other Audi models. Besides a 19mm reduction in height, no major modification will be carried out regarding the size and styling.

audi q3 in china

For powertrain, the Audi Q3 from FAW-VW will get two 2.0TFSI engines, both paired to a 7-speed S Tronic dual clutch transmission. Of the two 2.0Ts, the low-performance version is the same as that found on overseas models, able to put out a maximum of 125kW of power. The other one, however, has a lower maximum power output, able to develop up to 147kW rather than 155kW of power.

According to Sandra Gores, Head of Product Marketing A1/Q3 at Audi, a 1.8T engine may also be provided for the locally made Q3.  

audi q3 in china
audi q3 in china
audi q3 in china

FAW-VW Audi Q3
Vehicle codename
Length/ Width/ Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
CRH(2.0T, low-performance version)
CGM(2.0T high-performance version)
Max. Power (kW)
Curb Weight (kg)
Combined Fuel Economy (L/100km)

While in most markets, the Q3 comes as a 4WD (with the quattro permanent all-wheel drive configuration), FWD models will be provided in China, as in Brazil.

FAW-VW has already started trial production of Audi Q3 in Changchun, and plans to release it in the first half of 2013. Price range will be similar to that of BMW X1 from BWM-Brilliance, Q3’s archrival selling for 259,000-499,000 Yuan.