2012 Sales of SGMW Topped 1.45 Million

SGMW announced today that it successfully defended its title as the largest auto venture in China by delivering 1,458,000 vehicles in 2012 (although conglomerates like SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, and BAIC, claim larger combined sales from affiliates). Growing 12% on year, sales exceeded the original target of 1.35 million. For 2013, SGMW eyes a modest increase to 1.5 million.

A three-way joint venture between SAIC, GM, and Wuling, the Liuzhou-based automaker operates two brands: Wuling, for microvans (counted as commercial vehicles in China), and Baojun, for passenger cars. The Wuling brand accounted for most of the sales, delivering 1,348,000 units. The two Baojun models, Lechi and 630, sold about 110,000 units.

2012 Sales of Wuling Vans
Sunshine 530,000
Rongguang 490,000
Honguang over 300,000

As many predict that domestic demand for low-cost microvans has peaked, SGMW increasingly looks abroad for growth. In July 2012, Egyptian-made Wuling Rongguang went on sale as Chevy Move N300. Another Wuling model, Hongguang, is expected to roll out the assembly line in India soon.