FAW-VW Ready to Launch Sagitar GLI

Two years after its world premiere, the sport variant of the sixth-gen Jetta finally gets ready to meet audiences in China. Built at FAW-VW’s Chengdu factory and called Sagitar GLI, the local sedan version of Golf GTI is scheduled to launch at next month’s Shanghai auto show and go on sale around May/June.

While it is true that "localized" often means "crippled" when it comes to VW models, GTI fans can be assured this time by the photos from a preview. Unlike the Polo GTI from Shanghai-VW, Sagitar GLI could live up to its name. Most importantly, it gets the EA888 2.0 TSI 200hp engine and a fully-independent rear suspension. The transmission, a 6-speed DSG, is not affected by the recent troubles leading to the largest recall in the history of VW China. Skipping LED rear lights, it, however, gets all other GLI elements like red stitching, dual tailpipes, honeycomb front grille, and red calipers.

FAW-VW Sagitar GLI is to be priced 10,000-150,000 Yuan above its hatchback sibling, the Golf GTI, which has a price tag of 235,800 Yuan.

vw sagitar gli