FAW-VW to Roll out Golf Mk7 and Audi A3 in Foshan

The joint venture between FAW and Volkswagen will open its vehicle plant in Foshan, Guangdong, in August as planned, and the first model to roll off the line there will be the seventh-gen Golf (Golf Mk7), according to An Tiecheng, the company’s General Manager. Towards the year end, the Foshan plant will start producing Audi A3 Mk3 hatchback, with the sedan version coming in April 2014.

VW Golf Mk7:


As both are based on the MQB platform, the new Golf and Audi A3 are to share a production line in Foshan.

Scheduled to debut at the 2013 Chengdu Auto Show in September and hit the market in early 2014, the Chinese-built Golf Mk7 will get three engine options, all burning gasoline: an EA111 1.6 liter of natural aspiration, to be paired with a 5MT (MQ200); an EA111 turbo-charged 1.4 liter, to be paired with a 5MT (MQ250) or 7DSG; and an EA211 turbo-charged 1.4 liter, to be paired with a 7DSG. The first two are inherited from FAW-VW Golf Mk6.

The Audi A3 from FAW-VW is to be powered by either a 90kW gasoline 1.4T or 132KW gasoline 1.8T engine, both to be mated to a 7DSG (S-Tronic) transmission. The sedan version will make its global premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show next month.

FAW-VW has two vehicle plants in Changchun, Jilin, where it is based. It opened a third one in Chengdu in late 2011, where Sagitar and Jetta are made. The Foshan plant, to open in August, is designed to roll out 360,000 cars a year in the initial stage, with a plan to double that production capacity in the future.

In 2014, FAW-VW aims to build 166,000 Golf Mk7s and over 50,000 Audi A3 Mk3s.