Chery Launches New Logo and Brand Strategy

Battling a crisis of dwindling sales and chaotic self-identity, Chery unveiled a new brand strategy on Tuesday evening in Hefei, Anhui, which axes the Rely and Riich divisions and re-focuses on the Chery brand. The re-positioned Chery gets a new logo, dropping the one that had been in use since the company’s foundation in 1997.

new chery logo

The new Chery logo

chery logo old

The replaced logo

In 2009 the automaker launched two passenger car brands, Riich and Rely, intended for more upscale models than those under the Chery marque. However, filled with mostly re-badged or re-styled models from the past, the two new lines failed to build up popularity. Right before the launch of the new brand strategy, Chery had over 20 passenger car models listed on its official website, among which 13, according to our count, posted sales under 400 in the last month.

With Riich and Rely to be gradually retired, Chery cars will be placed in two groups: the A series (represented by Chery A4, A3), targeting the young and emphasizing hi-tech, and the E (represented by Chery E5), intended to be practical choices for families. Both lines may include four types of models: the mini cars (represented by QQ), SUVs (represented by Tiggo), MPVs, and sedans/hatchbacks (the Karry brand will be retained to designate Chery’s commercial vehicles).

chery brands logos

For future product development, the company unveiled the "iAuto technological platform" ("i" for intelligence). A fruit of Chery’s automaking experience in the past 16 years, "iAuto" comes in three parts: "Cloudrive," cloud-based infotainment systems; "ACTECO," green and efficient powertrains; "Cherysma," high standards for whole-vehicle quality.

chery press conference iauto
chery iauto

As to the new logo, it is said to have a more pronounced "international feel"–compared with the old one, although we failed to see why. Both are stylized renderings of "CAC" (Chery Automobile Company).