FAW-VW Starts Rolling out EA211 Engines in Chengdu

On April 9 the joint venture of FAW-Volkswagen marked the launch of its new engine plant in Chengdu, Sichuan. Occupying a land of 160,000 square meters in the Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone, the plant employs 900 people to build mainly EA211 engines. It has the capacity to roll out 450,000 units a year.

dr. unser and an tiecheng, from faw-vw, unveil ea211 engine built in chengdu
faw-vw celebrates launch of new engine plant in chengdu

Part of VW’s BlueMotion technology, the EA211 series are the new generation of four-cylinder, direction-injection, and turbo-charged engines. Employing ACT (Active Cylinder Management), aluminium blocks, timing belts (instead of chains), and exhaust cam VVT (variable valve timing) system, they are lighter, more fuel efficient, and cleaner than the EA111 of same displacements–without comprising power or torque.

Besides Chengdu, FAW-VW also makes engines (in the EA111, EA113, EA888 series) in Dalian, Liaoning, and Changchun, Jilin.

The launch of the Chengdu engine plant is seen as a crucial step for FAW-VW to achieving its goal of producing 1.8 million cars in 2015.