GAC-Toyota Unveiled New Logo and EV Concept

Following other joint ventures GAC-Toyota plans to launch a new auto brand focusing on the Chinese market. At the 2013 Shanghai auto show, the logo of that brand was revealed without, oddly enough, being named.

The logo, said to represent the letter "I," was exposed on an EV concept. GAC-Toyota provided no details about either the logo or the car.

new logo, brand from gac toyota

In an interview last year, a vice General Manager of the company disclosed that unlike other joint ventures, GAC-Toyota would not launch a new, China-only brand for re-badging purposes–that is, to put outdated foreign-brand models on the new market through changing logos and nameplates. What’s more, "it makes no economic sense to duplicate Toyota’s hybrid product line. So the new brand will be for pure-electric models."

These comments lead us to believe that the EV concept on display is intended to give rise to an all-new, all-electric production model.

ev concept from guangzhou auto and toyota

Last month Toyota launched the brand "Ranz" with another Chinese partner, FAW. The first Ranz model, debuted in Shanghai, is also an all-electric.