Toyota Ranz EV: Shanghai Motor Show in Pics

Alongside the EV concept from GAC-Toyota, FAW-Toyota put on display in Shanghai its first Ranz model, an all-electric sedan derived from the ninth-gen Corolla. The production version of the Ranz EV is to be launched in 2014.

As no spec sheet is given and its interior is invisible, the car remains largely a mystery. The attempt to give it an electric or futuristic feel is half-hearted, as styling modifications are superficial and hardly adequate to conceal its origins in an old Corolla (the ninth-gen Corolla remains in production, alongside the tenth-gen, at FAW-Toyota).

toyota corolla ev ranz

The Ranz logo, exposed on a car for the first time, has a diamond shape. At its center a letter N is carved out in green, which is said to represent "New" and "Natural."