VW Gran Lavida: Shanghai Motor Show in Pics

Lavida, the best-selling Volkswagen model in China in recent months, is expected to defend its leading position with the release of new variants. The nameplate aims to deliver nearly 400,000 units this year, up from 246,687 in 2012. That increase alone exceeds Shanghai-Volkswagen’s overall target of gaining about 100,000 in 2013 sales. The feat is to be accomplished by an expanding family, which currently includes two generations of Lavida sedan ("all-new" and "classical," both on the new car market) and will be joined by a two-box version in June this year.

gran lavida
front grille of gran lavida
rear side view of gran lavida
rear end of gran lavida
lavida hatchback
side view of svw lavida hatchback
headlight of vw lavida hatchback
rear end of svw gran lavida

Called Gran Lavida, the new derivative premiered in Shanghai has a body style of Audi A3 Sportback, which lies between a five-door hatchback and a station wagon. It has the same 2610mm wheelbase as the sedan, but the whole stance is 154mm shorter at 4454mm. The width and height remain unchanged at 1765mm and 1460mm respectively. For underpinnings, front MacPherson struts and rear torsion beams are retained.

The 1.6L and 1.4TSI engines are familiar choices, found not only on the all-new Lavida Sedan but VW Bora, Sagitar, Polo, Golf, and Skoda Octavia.

suspensions of vw gran lavida
back door lifted of vw lavida
vw lavida under the hood
interior of vw lavida hatchback
dashboard of vw gran lavida
back seats

Release is expected in the summer, with prices likely to range between 100,000 – 150,000 Yuan. Late this year two more Lavida variants may be launched, a sport coupe and a crossover.