DENZA Announced Partnership with Three Dealers

Shenzhan BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (BDNT) signed a MOU with three distributors on Wednesday, preparing for the release of the first DENZA model in the middle of 2014. Zhongsheng Group, Lei Shing Hong, and Pangda Auto Trade were enlisted for DENZA sales and services in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, respectively.

BDNT also confirmed that the DENA EV, based on the concept unveiled in 2012, will make its debut in November this year at the Guangzhou motor show. Positioned as a mid-level/high-end car, it will be sold in DENZA-exclusive showrooms rather than alongside BYD or Daimler products. The three selected dealers are experienced in marketing luxury brands in China. Lei Shing Hong in particular has long been the most important local sales partner of Mercedes-Benz.

bdnt denza dealers

DENZA will initially target large cities where government support for EVs is strong. Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing all provide/promise generous subsidies and large-scale infrastructure investment for promoting green mobility. Also, attracted to an eco-friendly lifestyle, the affluent middle class there are more willing to pay extra for green products than the average Chinese.

denza ev in road testing
denza at 2013 shanghai motor show

Pre-production models of the upcoming DENZA EV

Construction of DENZA showrooms in the three cities will start before the end of this year and be completed for the mid-2014 release. The architecture, said to be designed by a German team, will reflect DENZA’s green and upscale qualities by employing materials and structures that reduce pollution and energy consumption.