FAW Bases 2014 Besturn B70 on the Second-gen Mazda6

FAW has derived the entire Besturn lineup from Mazda6. The B70 in particular is, in its current form, modeled upon the first generation of the Japanese car (so is the B50). As the company prepares to release the locally-built Atenza, it upgrades the Besturn B70 by transplanting it to the platform of the second-gen Mazda6, the Ruiyi.

The redesigned B70 has a wheelbase of about 2725mm, extended from the 2675mm on the current model. While becoming noticeably larger, it will remain in the compact sector, thus keeping a distance from the B90, which is also derived from the Ruiyi. Although sharing a platform and similar style elements, the two Besturn cars target different groups of consumers. The B90 is designed to attract primarily government officials and business people; the B70 ordinary families.

faw besturn b70 next gen
faw besturn b70 rear end
profile of faw b70
dashboard of faw b70

For propulsion, besides the current 1.8L, the revamped B70 will get the 2.0L and possibly 2.3L from the B90; both a 5-speed manual and auto gearboxes will be provided.

As growing native brands is a political demand on automakers in China, FAW has invested heavily in Besturn. However, the lineup has failed to take off. Both the B50 and B90 rarely post monthly sales over 1,000.

The revamped B70 is ready for launch before the year end. Release is expected in early 2014. With all the upgrades, it is likely to retain the current price range, costing between 120,000 and 150,000 Yuan.