Best-selling New Cars in October 2016

In the first ten months of 2016, deliveries of China-made automobiles jumped 13.83% on year to 22,017,200 units, according to CAAM. Passenger car sales reached 19,095,800 on an increase of 15.4%. In October, the overall auto market expanded 18.65% to 2,649,900, with 2,344,100 passenger cars sold (up 20.29%). 1,170,500 sedans (two- or three-box) and 896,000 […]

Top-selling New Cars in September 2016

China auto sales jumped 26.14% on year to 2,564,100 in September, says CAAM. In the Jan.-Sept. period, automakers in the country delivered 19,360,400 vehicles in total, 13.17% more than a year earlier. The passenger car market expanded 28.94% to 2,268,300 units in Sept., and 14.75% to 16,752,000 units in the first nine months of 2016. […]

Best-selling Sedans, SUVs, and MPVs in August 2016

Automakers in China rolled out 1,990,500 vehicles and delivered 2,071,000 in August, according to CAAM. Production and sales jumped 26.6% and 24.22% respectively over a year ago. Passenger car sales grew 26.34% to 1,795,500, including 916,200 sedans (up 20.12%), 654,100 SUVs (up 43.86%), 180,400 MPVs (up 35.93%), and 44,800 micro-vans (down 36.88%). In the first […]

Mercedes-Benz Accused of Cutting Corners in China

As the long-wheelbase version of the tenth-gen E-Class started to hit showrooms in China recently, Mercedes-Benz has launched an expensive publicity campaign celebrating what it believes to be a major landmark in the close race with BMW and Audi in the local market. Yet, the festive mood did not seem to last long as the […]

Spyshots of SAIC-Volkswagen Teramont SUV


To cash in on China’s red hot SUV market, Volkswagen plans to roll out the Teramont through its two local joint ventures, with FAW and SAIC. The version from FAW-Volkswagen, under heavy camouflage, has been spotted several times around its plant in Foshan, Guangdong. Today we get a clear view of the SAIC-Volkswagen version. The […]

SAIC-GM to Launch “Chevrolet Cavalier”, a Sibling of Buick Excelle GT


The Chevrolet product line in China will soon include a new member, the Cavalier compact sedan. Slotted between Chevrolet Sail and Cruze, the upcoming, China-made Cavalier is unrelated to the Chevrolet car in North America bearing the same name, the production of which was terminated in 2005. In substance, the new Cavalier is a re-badged […]

Most Popular New Cars in July 2016

Deliveries of China-made passenger cars jumped 23.3% on year to 1,609,000 units in July, says CPCA (China Passenger Car Association). Compared with June, demand dropped 5.6%. In July 845,000 sedans were sold, 15.3% more than the same period a year earlier; SUV sales increased 44.5% to 580,000; MPV sales went up 35.1% to 146,000. The […]

Best-selling New Cars in May 2016

According to China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), automakers in the country delivered 1,731,000 sedans (two- or three-box), SUVs, and MPVs last month, 13.6% more than May 2015. In the first five months of 2016, the Chinese passenger car market expanded 9.6% to 8.9 million units. The joint venture of FAW and Volkswagen sold 150,275 units […]

Most Popular New Cars in April 2016

CAAM’s monthly report shows that automakers in China delivered 2,122,400 vehicles in April, 6.32% more than the same period in 2015. Passenger car sales climbed 6.5% to 1,779,100, while the market of commercial vehicles expanded 5.41% to 343,300 units. In the first four months of 2016, China auto sales increased 6.11% to 8.65 million. In […]

Most Popular New Cars in March 2016

Data from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) show that automakers delivered 2,439,700 new vehicles in March, 8.76% more than the same period in 2015. The passenger car market expanded 9.76% to 2,055,700 units, and sales of buses and trucks gained 3.75% to 384,000. In March, the sedan sector shrank 3.26% to 1,038,900 deliveries; microvan […]

Best-selling Sedans, SUVs, and MPVs in February 2016

Automakers in China delivered 1,580,900 vehicles in the second month of 2016, 0.86% less than the same period a year ago, according to CAAM. In the first two months of this year, Chinese auto sales increased 4.37% on year to 4,086,900 units. In February, the passenger car market shrank 1.53% to 1,376,700 units, with sedan […]

Best-selling New Cars in January 2016

Chinese auto sales increased 7.7% on year to 2.5 million in the first month of 2016, says CAAM. The passenger car market (not covering the microvan sector) expanded 11.4% to 2,173,723 units, including 1,113,538 sedans (two- or three-box, down 9.7%), 805,673 SUVs (up 63.4%), and 254,512 MPVs (up 13.1%). With 1.01 million deliveries, native brands […]

Sales Ranking of China-made Pure-electric Cars in 2015

Automakers in China rolled out 340,471 "new energy" vehicles (plug-in electric vehicles, or, PEVs) in 2015, 330% more than the previous year, according to CAAM. Sales of China-made PEVs increased 340% to 331,092 units. The pure-electric sector expanded 450% to 247,482 units, while demand for PHEVs jumped 180% to 83,610 units. Sales of pure-electric passenger […]

2015 Sales Ranking of China-made MPVs

In 2015 automakers based in China produced 2,125,300 and sold 2,106,700 MPVs, up 7.73% and 10.05% on year respectively. SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling) alone accounted for nearly half of the sales, posting 1,000,007 deliveries for its three models of two brands–Wuling and Baojun. Dongfeng, in the second place, posted 328,498 sales. BAIC delivered 20,8222 units (under three […]