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Brands of current/recent products:

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Type: State-owned
Established: 1969
Headquarters: Wuhan, Hubei
Subsidiaries and Alliances: Dongfeng Motor Corporation Passenger Vehicle Company (DFPV), Dongfeng Fengxing, Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK), Dongfeng Touring Car Co., Ltd. (DFAC), Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, Dongfeng Infiniti, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, Dongfeng-Yueda-Kia
Recent/current models:

Dongfeng brand:

A9 (1.8L)

DFSK C37 (1.2/1.4L)
DFSK Fengguang 330/350 (1.3/1.5L)
DFSK Fengguang 360 (1.3/1.5L)
DFSK K01 (1.0/1.1/1.3L)
DFSK K02 (1.0/1.1L)
DFSK K07 II (1.0/1.3L)
DFSK K17 (0.9/1.0L)
DFSK V27 (1.0/1.3L)
DFSK V29 (1.2/1.3L)
Dongfeng 1 Concept
E30L (pure-electric)
EQ-2050/2058 (Mengshi) (6.5L)
Fengdu MX5 (1.4/2.0L)
Fengdu MX6 (2.0L)
Fengshen A30 (1.5L)
Fengshen AX3 (1.4L)
Fengshen AX5 (1.4L)
Fengshen AX7 (1.5L)
Fengshen A60 (1.6/2.0L)
Fengshen H30 (1.6L)
Fengshen H30 Cross (1.6L)
Fengshen L60 (1.6/1.8L)
Fengshen L60 Concept (2.0L)
Fengshen S30 (1.5/1.6L)
Fengxing CM7 (2.0/2.4L)
Fengxing F600 (1.5/2.0L)
Fengxing Joyear (1.5/1.8L)
Fengxing Joyear S50 (1.5/1.6L)
Fengxing Joyear X3 (1.5L)
Fengxing Joyear X5 SUV (1.6/1.8L)
Fengxing Lingzhi (1.9/2.0/2.4L)
Fengxing S500 (1.5/1.6L)
Fengxing SX6 (1.6/2.0L)
JustFor CV03 (1.3L)
Oting (2.4/2.5L)
Rich (pickup) (2.4/2.5/3.0L)
Rich (SUV) (2.4/2.5/3.0L)
Succe (1.5L)
U-Vane (3.0L)
Yumsun (2.0/2.5L)

Infiniti (from Dongfeng Infiniti, a subsidiary of Dongfeng Nissan):

Q50L (2.0L)
QX50 (2.5L)

Nissan brand (from Dongfeng Nissan):

Livina (1.6L)
March (1.2/1.5L)
Maxima (2.5L)
Sunny (1.5L)
Sylphy (1.6/1.8L)
Teana (2.0/2.5L)
Teana XV VIP (2.5L)
Tiida Sedan (1.6L)
Tiida Hatchback (1.6L)
Murano (2.5L)
Qashqai (1.2/2.0L)
X-Trail (2.0L, 2.5L)

Nissan brand (from Zhengzhou Nissan):

D22 (2.4/2.5L)
NV200 (1.6L)
Paladin (2.4L)
ZN6493 (2.4L)

Venucia brand (from Dongfeng Nissan):

D50 (1.6L)
E30 (pure-electric)
R30 (1.2L)
R50 (1.6L)
R50X (1.6L)
T70 (1.6/2.0L)
T90 (2.0L)

Honda brand:

Civic (1.8/2.4L)
Spirior (2.0/2.4)
CR-V (2.0/2.4L)
Elysion (2.4L)
Jade (1.8L)
UR-V (1.5/2.0L)

Ciimo brand (from Dongfeng Honda):

Ciimo (1.8L)

Citroen brand:

C2 (1.4/1.6L)
C3-XR (1.6L)
C4 (1.2/1.6L)
C4 Classic (1.6/2.0L)
C4 Hatchback/Cross (1.6L)
C4L (1.6/1.8L)
C5 (1.6/2.0/2.3L)
C6 (1.8L)
C-Elysee (1.6L)
Triomphe (2.0L)
Xsara Picasso (1.6/2.0L)

Peugeot brand:

2008 (1.6L)
207 Sedan (1.4/1.6L)
207 Hatchback (1.4/1.6L)
301 (1.6L)
307 Sedan (1.6/2.0L)
307 Hatchback, Cross 307(1.6L)
308 (1.2/1.6L)
308S (1.2/1.6L)
3008 (1.6/2.0L)
4008 (1.6/1.8L)
408 (1.6/1.8L)
508 (1.6/1.9L)

Kia brand:

Carnival (2.7L)
Cerato Sedan (1.6/1.8L)
Cerato Hatchback (1.6L)
Forte (1.6L)
K2 (1.4/1.6L)
K3 (1.6/1.8L)
K3S (1.6L)
K4 (1.6/1.8/2.0L)
K4 Concept (1.8/2.0L)
K5 (2.0/2.4L)
KX3 (1.6/2.0L)
KX5 (1.6/2.0L)
KX7 (2.0/2.4L)
Optima (2.0L)
Rio (1.4/1.6L)
Soul (1.6/2.0L)
Sportage (2.0/2.7L)
Sportage R(2.0/2.4L)

Renault Brand:

Kadjar (1.2/2.0L)
Koleos (2.0/2.5L)

Sales (units): 2009: 1.9 million
2010: 2.615 million
2011: 3 million
2012: 3.07 million
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