Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)

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Type: Public (JMC 000550.SZ)
Established: 1968
Headquarters: Nanchang, Jiangxi
Main Subsidiaries and Alliances: Jiangling Landwind, Jiangling Ford, Jiangxi Isuzu
Current/recent models: JMC SUV:
Yusheng (2.4)
JMC pickup truck:
Baodian (2.0/2.8)
Yuhu (2.4)
Yuhu Concept


Everest (2.0/2.2L)
Tourneo (2.0L)
Transit (2006) (2.8L)
Transit (2008) (2.3/2.4L)


Forward (Fenghua) (1.3/1.5L)
Fashion (Fengshang) (1.5/1.6/1.8/2.0L)
X5 (2.0L)
X6 (2.0/2.4/2.5/2.8L)
X7 (2.0L)
X8 (2.0/2.4/2.5L)
X9 (2.0/2.4/2.5L)

Sales: 2007: 106,565 units
2009: 114,688 units of commercial vehicles from JMC, including 33,585 units of Ford Transit
2010: 178,999 including 52,358 Ford Transits, 66,224 JMC trucks, 604,17 JMC pickups and SUVs
2011: 194,500
2012: 202,041
Official Web Site–Chinese: http://www.landwind.com/ (Landwind), http://www.jmc.com.cn/ (JMC), http://www.jmcg.com.cn/ (JMCG)
Official Web Site–English: http://www.jmc.com.cn/english/index.asp (JMC)
  • 1968: JMC traces its history to Jiangxi Auto Works, which was founded in 1968 and known for its Jinggangshan-brand trucks.
  • 1984: Started to build Isuzu-brand vehicles.
  • 1993: The joint venture of Jiangling-Isuzu was founded in March. Jiangling Motors Co., Ltds. (JMC) was established in November and became listed in Shenzhen (JMC 000550.SZ) in the following month.
  • 1995: Entered partnership with Ford (Ford now has a 30% stake in JMC).
  • 1997: JMC-Ford began to roll out Transit vans.
  • 2002: Annual sales topped 50,000, with a product line featuring JMC Baodian pickup, Ford Transit vans, and JMC light-duty trucks.
  • 2005: JMC, Ford, and Changan Auto jointly founded Jiangling Motors Holding (JMH).
  • 2007: Ground was broken in December for the new vehicle plant in the Xiaolan Industrial Park in Nanchang.
  • 2008: Revamped Ford Transit was released.
  • 2009: Annual sales exceeded 100,000.
  • 2010: The first JMC-brand SUV, Yusheng, hit the market on December 5.
  • 2013: JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiyuan, Shanxi, on February 22. The newly-established company and Ford started building a diesel engine plant in Taiyuan on May 20. JMC opened the new plant in the Xiaolan Industrial Park on June 20, which had a designed production capacity of 300,000 units a year.
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