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Lifan 620 EV Goes on Sale for US$39,295 Before Subsidies


A pure-electric version of Lifan 620 sedan hits showrooms in several Chinese cities including Beijing and Suzhou, selling for 249,800 Yuan (US$39,295) before subsidies. Consumers in Beijing are invited for a test drive by the Lifan dealership located in the city’s Daxing district. The available model, called 620 CEV or LF7002CEV, is upgraded from 620 […]

Geely-backed Battery Maker, Aforever New Energy, Began Production, Eyeing Volvo C30 EV

aforever geely battery volvo factory opening ceremony

Shandong Aforever New Energy Science & Technology, a Lithium-Ion battery maker affiliated with Geely Auto, started production in Zoucheng, Shandong, on June 16, betting on the mass production of the electric Volvo C30. According to its website, Aforever (Hengyuan) was founded by a Hong Kong-based investment company controlled by Honbridge Holdings. Although Aforever officials have […]

Venucia E-Concept, Re-badged Nissan Leaf: Beijing Auto Show in Pictures (2)

venucia nissan leaf dongfeng

As the Chinese government demands Sino-foreign joint ventures to be more localized and increase sales of alternative fuel vehicles, Dongfeng Nissan has decided to introduce the all-electric Leaf under the Venucia brand, which was launched in 2010 specifically for the Chinese market. Venucia showcases two models at the Beijing auto show: the D50, a sedan […]

Shenzhen to Add 2,000 Alternative Fuel Vehicles This Year

Shenzhen, home to BYD, is going to put 2,000 alternative fuel vehicles, mostly pure-electric, on roads this year, according to the city’s Development and Reform Commission. The count includes 1,000 all-electric buses for public transportation, 500 pure electric sedans serving as taxicabs, and 500 government-employed green cars. Currently, there are more than 3,000 alternative fuel […]

Patent Drawings of Shanghai-Volkswagen’s Tantus EV

shanghai volkswagen tantus ev

In last September, the bulletin of newly certified vehicle models from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized for the first time the Tantus brand pure electric sedan from Shanghai-Volkswagen. Codenamed SVW7007BEV on the bulletin, the Tantus sedan has been considered a re-badged Lavida blue-e-motion showcased at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Today, […]

GAC to Release Hybrid 4WD Trumpchi Sedan This Year

gac trumpchi hybrid

The hybrid electric version of GAC Trumpchi Sedan showcased at the 2011 Guangzhou Auto Show will go on sale this year, Zeng Qinghong, the GM of GAC, told reporters recently. Its powertrain comprises the same 1.8L engine found on the standard, non-hybrid version, an integrated starter-generator (ISG) in the front and a generator coupled with […]

Hertz China to Add BYD E6 to Its Fleet

BYD Auto and Hertz, the world’s largest car rental company, inked a deal in Shenzhen on August 26 on jointly launching electric car rental services in Chinese cities. According to Wang, Jie, General Manager of BYD’s Green Public Transport division, Hertz will initially deploy two units of the all electric BYD E6 in every city […]

China’s Subsidy Program Fails to Jump-Start Purchases of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

The central government’s program to subsidize private purchases of alternative-fuel cars in 5 cities (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changchun, Hefei, and Shenzhen) went into effect last June, offering up to 50,000 Yuan to every eligible plug-in hybrid and 60,000 Yuan to every eligible all-electric vehicle. Many cities have since announced similar or additional incentives. Yet, in the […]