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Shanghai GM Sets 2015 “Drive to Green” Goals

In its flashy pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo currently underway, General Motors may be daydreaming on the wheels for future cities, but it seems to have something more practical to offer China as well. Together with its Chinese Partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), GM issued a five-year plan today to carry forward the […]

BYD: Only 1,000 E6s for 2010


With the start of the electric car subsidy program on June 1, many expected BYD to begin releasing the much-talked-about e6 all-electric car to the general public later this year. A spokesman for the Shenzhen-based company, however, adamantly denied any such plan today, stressing that only 1,000 units of e6 will be built this year […]

China’s Trial Program to Subsidize Electric Cars Meets with Disappointment

The Chinese government launched a testing program that pays part of the production cost of plug-in hybrid and all-electric battery cars. At present, five cities participate in the project: Shanghai, Hefei, Changchun, Hangzhou, Shenzhen. The sum of subsidy an e-car can receive is determined by the capacity of its battery packs that provide propulsion: 3,000 […]

The Unconvincing BYD-Daimler Alliance

Daimler AG and BYD Co. Ltd. announced on 27 May that they were joining forces to develop electric cars. Details on the planned new venture, to be called Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Company, are scant. There are quite a few signs, though, that the deal lacks substance as well as coherence, and should better […]

China Lowers EV Standards


Low-speed electric vehicles have been around for more than one hundred years. In many regions of today’s China, they are a common scene. These two-, three-, or four-wheeled battery vehicles are usually employed only within specific cities or counties, and live in a legal gray zone: barred from expressways, frequently un-registered and un-insured. Citing safety […]

China Announces Four Key EV Standards

Many expect 2010 to be a milestone year for China’s electric vehicle industry. Several high-speed, all-electric car models will be ready for mass market later this year, some major investment plans have been signed, and the public begin to develop a serious buying interest in EVs. Underlying all these signs are the Chinese government’s regulatory […]

10 Electric Models To Be Released This Year?


At this year’s Beijing Motor Show, we counted more than 30 models of alternative energy vehicles from all major automakers. Most of them are either pure-electric or plug-in hybrid electric cars. According to Chinese media reports, more than a dozen pure-electric cars are to hit the showrooms this year. We are a bit skeptical about […]

The Leaf Will Not Be So Green in China


Don’t get us wrong. We are not against EVs. But when so many people today just simply equate a EV with "zero emissions," as Nissan does with the Leaf in its mass marketing campaign, it is important to be reminded of the simple fact: a EV’s green impact depends on how clean the electricity it […]