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H1 Profit of SAIC Motor Quadrupled to 5.87 Billion Yuan

SAIC Motor (600104.SS), controlled by SAIC Group, reports today that its net profit in the first half of 2010 reached 5.871 billion Yuan, or $863 million, up 306% from the same period last year. Revenues increased 140% to 147.6 billion Yuan, including 51.7 billion Yuan from Shanghai GM. Its subsidiaries and joint ventures sold a […]

Updated:Shanghai GM to Build Chevrolet Captiva


Update on August 10: Analysts say this week that Shanghai GM is likely to launch the production of the second generation Captiva towards the end of 2011, and general release will be in early 2012 instead of the fourth quarter this year–as reported below. Much of the production preparation will be conducted by the Pan […]

Wuling Resists Selling SGMW Stake to GM


General Motors has been so successful in China that people tend to forget that it too has suffered quite a few setbacks there over the years. One major unfulfilled desire of its is to have more say in SGMW, the largest microcar maker in China. A partnership between SAIC, GM, and Wuling, SGMW sells more […]

July Sales: Chang’an Ford, Shanghai VW, GM China

Chang’an Ford: The passenger car joint venture sold 18,255 Ford brand vehicles in July (not including commercial vehicles, mainly Transit MPV, sold by Jiangling Ford). Focus continued to be its No.1 selling model, delivering 11,413 units, followed by Fiesta at 4,246 units. In the first seven months of this year, Chang’an Ford sales reached 170,053 […]

Shanghai GM to Build Chevrolet Captiva


Earlier this week, Shanghai GM’s marketing chief Ren, Jianqiong confirmed that the Captiva crossover SUV will be the next all-new model to roll off the joint venture’s production line. A 2010 fourth quarter release can be expected. Developed by GM Daewoo from the Chevrolet S3X concept and based on the GM Theta platform, Chevrolet Captiva […]

Chery Denies Connection with GM Tech Theft

China’s Chery Auto released an official statement today, denying that it has had any contact with the couple accused of stealing General Motors’ hybrid technology documents and attempting to sell them to Chery. On July 22, Du, Shanshan and his husband Qin, Yu, both Chinese-born American citizens, were indicted in federal court on fraud, obstruction […]

SGMW Unveils Passenger Car Brand “Baojun”


SGMW, known for its Wuling brand minivans (counted as commercial vehicles in China), unveiled the logo for its future passenger cars at a press conference held in Shanghai today. The name "Baojun" contains two Chinese characters: "Bao" means "treasured," "precious;" "Jun" means "fine horse" or "steed." A three-way joint venture of SAIC, GM, and Wuling, […]

GM H1 China Sales Topped 1.2 Million

Sales of General Motors’s China ventures reached 1,209,138 units in the first half of this year, up 48.5% from year-earlier level, according to GM. Growth cooled down to 23.2% in June, with a total of 176,486 (new) vehicles sold. Although it sold less, 1.08 million units, in the US during the same period, we hesitate […]

Shanghai GM Poised to Be the Biggest Winner from China’s Small Car Subsidies

On the last day of June, the Chinese government publicized a long-awaited list of small fuel efficient cars qualifying for 3,000 yuan cash rebate per unit. Shanghai GM, the partnership of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) and General Motors, has the most entries on the list among all automakers, surpassing not only native players strong […]

Shanghai GM Sets 2015 “Drive to Green” Goals

In its flashy pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo currently underway, General Motors may be daydreaming on the wheels for future cities, but it seems to have something more practical to offer China as well. Together with its Chinese Partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), GM issued a five-year plan today to carry forward the […]

GM-China’s 2010 Sales Topped 1 Million

General Motors’ China branch announced on May 28 that it had sold 1 million vehicles so far this year, half-way to attaining the annual target of 2 million units. Last year it reached 1 million sales in mid August, and 1.83 million by the year-end. The event was celebrated on GM’s Shanghai campus. Kevin E […]

SGMW’s Sedan Project Disclosed


It may come as a surprise to many that SAIC-General Motors-Wuling Automobile Co. (SGMW), a joint venture of the three companies in its name, built and sold more vehicles than any other automakers in China last year– about 1 million units. One major reason that its logo still looks less familiar than many others is […]

A Virtual Tour of the SAIC-GM World Expo Pavilion


As China has officially become GM’s largest and most lucrative market, it is only natural to expect its strong presence at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, where its China headquarters are based. The SAIC-GM pavilion, built at an expense of 22 million US dollars, stages high tech, multimedia (including 3D) shows around the theme […]