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Cadillac-Sponsored Propaganda Movie Premiers in Beijing


Dedicated to the upcoming 90th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, the film "Beginning of the Great Revival" was launched Wednesday evening in Beijing (a more literal translation of the title of the film is "Founding of a Party"). We, in China, noticed that the Associated Press, followed by others in the US, was quick […]

Zhongxing’s GrandTigers in Libya’s Civil War

Supporters cheer as a  convoy of Libyan

In Libya where it holds close to half of the local pickup truck market, Zhongxing Auto (ZXAuto) is trying to turn a loss into a gain. While initially depressed by the disruptions in shipping and canceling of orders, it is now delighted by the frequent exposure of its low-cost trucks that have been turned into […]

A Glimpse of Cadillac’s New Role


The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 90th birthday on July 1 this year. Among the many offerings prepared for the 90-year-old is the Cadillac-sponsored, star-studded propaganda film, "The Founding of a Party," which is schedule to hit theaters across China on June 15 (see our post "Cadillac Sponsors Communist Propaganda Film"). On March 29, […]

Court Ruling Supports “Land Rover” as “Land Tiger”

We reported in February that Land Rover launched a lawsuit in Beijing against Geely over the use of the Luhu/Land-Tiger name (see our post: “Land Tiger” or “Road Tiger”: Land Rover Files Lawsuit over Trademark Dispute with Geely). On April 22, the No.1 Beijing Intermediate People’s Court declared Land Rover to be the rightful owner […]

Overpriced GAC-Honda Crosstour Shunned by Consumers


The Chinese-built Crosstour, available in two 3.5L versions selling for 398,800 Yuan (US $61,100) and 428,800 Yuan, is about twice as expensive as the comparable American model. The high price tags mystify many. Isn’t this odd-looking segment buster after all just another Accord? Are there enough rich fools around to buy it? Honda seemed to […]

Geely Gleagle Begins to Sell White and Blue Pandas Online


Geely launched a shop on today for the Gleagle Panda (Geely LC) supermini, putting on sale a special edition colored in white and blue. The virtual outlet, at, is described by Geely as "China’s first auto flagship store on the internet," although it is really no different from the online showrooms commonly run […]

Chery to Debut “Paramount,” Riich G6 Stretch Limousine, at Shanghai Auto Show


A 7-passenger version of the Riich G6 appeared on the latest catalogue of new vehicles approved for volume-production from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, confirming that it will be ready for release this year. At the upcoming Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, the long-wheelbase sedan will make its debut under the name of […]