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Honda Announced Pricing for Crider Compact

honda crider

Honda and its Chinese partner GAC (Guangzhou Auto) announced the release of Crider this evening in Beijing. Available in three trim levels, the new compact sedan is priced in the range of 114,800 – 149,800 Yuan (US$18,675 – 24,368). In GAC-Honda’s lineup, Crider fills the space between City and Accord, thus substituting Civic, which is […]

New Subcompact SUV from BAIC Yinxiang

baic's subcompact suv, made in chongqing

Outside the Chinese capital, BAIC (Beijing Auto) currently has vehicle production capacities in two places: Zhuzhou, Hunan, where BAIC E130/150 and Weiwang vans are made, and Chongqing, where a long product line covering various vehicle types has been under development (BAIC also plans to open vehicle plants in Zengcheng, Guangdong, and Zhenjiang, Jiangsu). The Chongqing […]

Spy Shots of Lifan’s New Flagship Sedan, the 820 Midsize

lifan 820 exposed in road testing

With sales more than doubled in the past three years, Lifan has become a potent rival among native carmakers. To sustain its rapid growth, it plans to radically revamp and expand its product line. The small, copycat models, which helped the company gain a foothold in the market, will all soon be replaced by the […]

Volvo to Roll out XC60 in Daqing before Year End


Geely-Volvo has got the go-ahead from the Chinese government for its carmaking project in Daqing, Heilongjiang, where production is scheduled to begin towards the end of this year, says the city’s Development and Reform Commission. The first Volvo vehicle to be made in Daqing will be the XC60 compact SUV, according to several other sources. […]

Arrizo 7: Upcoming Compact Sedan from Chery

chery arrizo7

Implementing its new brand strategy, Chery plans to organize its confusing product lines under four nameplates. Three of them are familiar–QQ, for mini models, Fulwin, for subcompact and compact sedans (hatchbacks or notchbacks), and Tiggo, for SUVs. The fourth is a new tag, Arrizo, which in combination with specific numbers will designate larger compact and […]

Spy Shots of Haval H9, Great Wall’s New Flagship SUV

haval h9 front view

With an ambition to surpass Jeep and become the world’s largest SUV brand in 3-4 years, Great Wall’s Haval runs on an unrelenting schedule for new model launches. In two years, its lineup is expected to double. The full-size H8 will hit showrooms in fall, followed by the compact H2 coming towards the year end. […]

BAIC Releases Senova D Series, a Descendant of Saab 9-5

senova brand video with nicolas cage

The Senova ("Shenbao") D series sedan, developed by BAIC (Beijing Auto) on basis of the first-gen Saab 9-5, goes on sale today, carrying list prices of 139,800 to 215,800 Yuan. BAIC, which has made its fortune by being a partner of Hyundai and Daimler, places great hopes on the midsize to drive forward its own […]

A BMW Mini Van?

bmw-like minivan

Not exactly. But as the mini van is built by Brilliance, a Chinese partner of the German carmaker, the adoption of a double-kidney grille can be deemed as sharing of an important family trait. The upcoming low-cost van, called Jinbei Haixing X30, comes from a subsidiary of Brilliance Auto that is based in Chongqing and […]

FAW-Volkswagen to Release Bare-bones Jetta

faw-vw jetta with bare essentials

The joint venture of First Auto Works (FAW) and Volkswagen was exposed road-testing a stripped-down version of its Jetta compact (a derivative of the PQ25 platform and not the sixth-gen "Jetta" based on the PQ35), which would lower the starting price of the popular sedan to around 70,000 Yuan (US$11,400). FAW-VW Jetta, an all-time best-seller […]

Weichai Power’s First SUV Exposed

suv from weichai power built in chongqing

Weichai Power, one of China’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines, is on track to release its first passenger car, a mini SUV, in 2014, spy shots indicate. Called "Weili" and bearing the brand of "Yuzhou," the upcoming Weichai SUV is revealed to have a 2502mm wheelbase and an exterior style inspired by Hyundai Santa Fe. […]

Zhongxing to Build Its First Sedan on Changfeng Platform

zhongxing sedan

The Volvo lookalike showcased by GAC-Changfeng, now dissolved, four years ago re-emerged at this year’s Shanghai motor show–under the Zhongxing brand. The re-badged compact, previously called CP2 or Changfeng Acumen/Acuman, will be Zhongxing’s first foray into the sedan market, as we learned from the manufacturer of SUVs and pickup trucks. In last December, Zhongxing and […]

Atenza to Join First-gen Mazda6 and Ruiyi

faw-mazda first gen mazda6 from changchun factory

FAW-Mazda confirmed that it will start producing Atenza in Changchun later this year, as the all-new Mazda6 made its Chinese debut in Shanghai. It will join, rather than replace, the two older generations, called " Mazda6" (first-gen) and "Ruiyi" (second-gen) in the local market. Of varying sizes, the three generations of Mazda6 will compete in […]

Soueast V7, a Variant of Mitsubishi Galant: Shanghai Motor Show in Pics

soueast v7 concept, derived form mitsubishi galant

The Chinese-built ninth-gen Galant has never reached its potential to rival Accord or Camry, with monthly sales rarely exceeding 1,000 since its first release in 2007. As its retirement is near, Soueast, a partner of Mitsubishi, is planning a new career for it. At the Shanghai auto show, it launched the V7 concept, which anticipates […]

Peugeot 301, Citroen C-Elysee: Shanghai Motor Show in Pics

front view of peugeot 301

While languishing in Europe, Peugeot-Citroen is going full throttle in China, set to open its third vehicle plant in Wuhan in July, two months before the scheduled date. Built jointly with its Chinese partner Dongfeng, the plant will add 300,000 units to the annual production capacity of DPCA (Dongfeng-Peugeot-Citroen). 2/3 of the new capacity will […]