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First Look at JAC’s Subcompact SUV

jac subcompact suv

JAC’s SUV line will soon be expanded beyond the Rein (S1) with two, not one, additions. As the Refine S5 approaches release set on next Tuesday, we get a first look at another upcoming JAC SUV, thanks to The exposed subcompact is said to be based on the Heyue A30 sedan, which is go […]

JAC Releases Short-wheelbase Version of Sunray Van


Jianghuai Auto (JAC) announced on Tuesday the release of the 4 series of the Sunray van in Hefei, Anhui. The new, smaller Sunray comes in four versions providing 5-12 seating positions and selling for 118,800 – 174,800 Yuan. The Sunray 4 sits on a 2960mm wheelbase, reduced from the 3570mm on the existing 5 and […]

Besturn X80 SUV Rolls off Production Line in Changchun

faw besturn suv

FAW Car rolled out the first Besturn SUV, an X80, at its No.2 vehicle plant in Changchun, Jilin, on Wednesday. Defined as a CUV (crossover utility vehicle), the X80 shares underpinnings with the Besturn B70 sedan, which in turn is derived from the first-gen Mazda6. In the official press release on the event, FAW describes […]

FAW-VW to Roll out Golf Mk7 and Audi A3 in Foshan


The joint venture between FAW and Volkswagen will open its vehicle plant in Foshan, Guangdong, in August as planned, and the first model to roll off the line there will be the seventh-gen Golf (Golf Mk7), according to An Tiecheng, the company’s General Manager. Towards the year end, the Foshan plant will start producing Audi […]

FAW-VW Jetta Gets First Redesign in 22 Years


Like Shanghai-Volkswagen Santana, the Jetta from FAW-Volkswagen is both a hero and a mark of disgrace for the Chinese auto industry, loved and hated by many. The two accomplished something extraordinary by making cars affordable to millions. And yet, by dominating the market for over 20 years with outdated technology and design from the 1980s, […]

Spy Shots of FAW Besturn MPV, Based on Mazda8


Despite declining sales of the Oley and Besturn brands, FAW Car seems on track to launch new models. Two will be added to the Besturn lineup by the end of 2014, an SUV and a MPV. Like the B70 and B90, the upcoming Besturn models will be derived from Mazda, a partner of FAW. The […]

SAIC’s Maxus MPV Spied


SAIC Commercial Vehicle is exposed developing a seven-seat people carrier, which would be the second model, after the V80 van, to carry the Maxus (Datong) brand. Based on a different platform than the V80, the spied prototype has a front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, and employs multi links rather than leaf springs in rear suspension […]

Shanghai-GM Released Cadillac XTS, Priced from $56,163

cadillac xts

At a ceremony held Monday evening in Guangzhou, the joint venture of SAIC and General Motors announced the market launch of the Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. With two engine options, a 3.6L V6 and turbo 2.0L, the Chinese-made XTS is priced between 349,900 and 569,900 Yuan (US$56,163-91,475), taking direct aim at BMW 5 series, Audi […]

Brilliance’s New Entry-Level Model Exposed


While other native automakers strive to go upscale, Brilliance has in recent years focused on developing smaller and cheaper models, extending the Zhonghua line downward to include the FRV, FSV, and H230. And this week its new entry-level car was spied, a supermini that is to compete with Chery QQ, Geely Panda, BYD F0, and […]

BYD to Launch S7 SUV

byd s7

BYD’s copycat SUV, the S6, will get an upgraded version. At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, the company plans to launch the S7, which will share a platform with the S6 but be larger and powered by a turbo 2.0L engine. Modeled upon the second-generation Lexus RX 350, the S6 was the ninth best-selling SUV […]

Yema Auto Develops S-MPV, Derived from Mazda5


Preparing to enter the MPV market, Sichuan (Yema) Auto Industry Co., Ltd., a makers of SUVs and buses, displayed a concept van, the A-MPV, at last year’s Chengdu Auto Show. Recently, it exposed on its official website the production version called S-MPV. Like the Yema SUVs, the S-MPV copies the design of a well-known foreign […]