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2013 Mazda8 Gets Upgraded Powertrain

mazda8 mpv

With an improved powertrain and unchanged pricing, the 2013 Mazda8 from FAW-Mazda hit the market last week. The 2.3L L3 engine on the previous model was replaced by a 2.5L L5 that can put out a maximum of 120kW of power and 226Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the 4AT gave way to a 5AT. According to […]

Changan Raeton Rolled Off the Line in Beijing

changan raeton

Changan Auto held a ceremony on Saturday in Beijing to mark the first Raeton rolling off the production line. As the flagship model in the Changan-brand sedan lineup, the mid-size will hit showrooms in the first half of 2013 with an estimated price range of 100,000 – 150,000 Yuan. Its major rivals include FAW Besturn […]

FAW Oley Hatchback Spied

faw oley

While spending big on marketing, FAW Car has mostly failed to woo consumers to buy its Oley cars. Monthly sales of the compact sedan, launched in April and targeting the young, diminished to around just 100 in the past two months, according to China Passenger Car Association. Nevertheless, the Changchun-based automaker is not giving up. […]

Haima Expands Its Sedan Line with M3, M8

haima m3 sedan

Haima premiered two sedans at this year’s Guangzhou auto show, the M3 compact and M8 mid-size, both slated for release next year. The M3, previously called V30, is built by Haima’s Zhengzhou base in Henan Province, while the M8 comes from Haima Hainan. With the "M" series taking shape, the naming system of Haima becomes […]

Landwind X5 Is to Be China’s First to Feature an 8AT

shengrui 8-speed auto transmission

Landwind’s new compact SUV, the X5, which made its debut at this year’s Guangzhou auto show, is set to become the first Chinese car to feature an 8-speed automatic transmission. The 8AT comes from a little-known supplier, Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd., which has developed it jointly with Germany’s Technische Universit├Ąt Chemnitz. While at least three […]

New VW Santana: 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show in Pics (6)

new vw santana

Launched in Wolfsburg, Germany, the all-new Santana from Shanghai-Volkswagen made its Chinese debut in Guangzhou. The legendary car, with nearly 4 million deliveries since its first release in China 29 years ago, is slated for release next month. Prices are expected to start below 90,000 Yuan. Beyond the name, the re-designed Santana shares little with […]

Changan-Ford Launched the EcoSport Mini SUV

ford ecosport china

The EcoSport built by Changan-Ford in Chongqing made its public debut Thursday in Guangzhou. Compared with the Indian and Brazilian versions, the Chinese one is slightly longer, adding 39mm to overall body length and 9mm to wheelbase. When released next month, it will be equipped with an 81kw normally aspirated 1.5L engine (Ti-VCT), paired with […]

BAIC “Shenbao” D320 (C70G), a Saab 9-5 Variant: 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show in Pics (4)

baic saab d320

Beijing Auto (BAIC) launched today the "Shenbao" marque for its upcoming high-end passenger car lineup and the first model carrying it, the D320. Previously called C70G, the D320 sedan is built on BAIC’s "M-trix" platform, derived from the GM2900 that gave rise to the first-gen Saab 9-5. "Shenbao," whose official English translation is currently unknown, […]

Venucia E30, A Re-badged Nissan Leaf, Makes Its Debut: 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show in Pics (3)

venucia e30

The joint venture of Dongfeng-Nissan unwrapped today Venucia E30, a re-badged Nissan Leaf. The production version of the Venucia E-Concept showcased earlier this year, the E30 won’t be released until 2015. Sharing all essential features with the Leaf, the Venucia EV has a 2700mm wheelbase and is 4488mm long, 1770mm wide, and 1550mm high. Venucia […]

2013 Chery QQ Sports: 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show in Pics (2)

chery qq sports 2013

Slated to hit the market towards the year-end, the next-gen Chery QQ made its first public appearance today. Retaining the 2340mm wheelbase, the supermini grows slightly larger. Extensive changes can be found in both exterior and interior styling, while the design continues to highlight a cheerful and animated spirit. 2013 Chery QQ Length/Width/Height 3564/1620/1527mm Wheelbase […]