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Dongfeng Citroen Raised Sales Target, to Make SUV

On strong demand for C4L the joint venture between Citroen and Dongfeng revised up its 2013 sales goal from 263,000 to 280,000 units, according to Pan Jianian, the JV’s General Manager. He also revealed that the first Chinese-made Citroen SUV will hit the market before 2015. Not content to be in the second tier, Dongfeng-Citroen […]

Most Popular Sedans, SUVs, and MPVs in April

New vehicle sales climbed 13.38% in April from a year earlier to 1,841,700, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). The market shrank 9.5% compared with March. Deliveries of passenger cars reached 1,441,400, up 12.96% on year, while those of buses and trucks rose 14.9% to 400,300. In the first four months of 2013, […]

Passenger Car Sales Gained 12.5% in April

Automakers based in China delivered 1,440,156 passenger cars in April, 12.5% more than a year earlier. However, compared with the previous month, the count was down 9%. SUVs continued to lead the growth, with sales increasing 49.3% on year to 236,964.   Sedans MPVs SUVs Microvans Total Wholesales in April 970,345 89,281 236,964 143,565 1,440,156 […]

3,175 Plug-in EVs Were Sold in the First Quarter

2,874 pure-electric vehicles were sold in the first three months of 2013, up 57% from a year earlier, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Deliveries of plug-in hybrids reached 301. The Chinese government refers to plug-in EVs, pure-electric or hybrid, as "new energy vehicles." CAAM recorded 3,175 sales in this category in the […]

Best-Selling Cars in March

Click here for an overview of the passenger car market in March, 2013.   Top 20 best-selling sedans Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 Volkswagen Lavida Shanghai-Volkswagen 38,334 2 Buick Excelle Shanghai-GM 29,875 3 Volkswagen Sagitar FAW-Volkswagen 24,942 4 Chevy Sail, sedan version Shanghai-GM 24,828 5 Volkswagen Bora FAW-Volkswagen 21,098 6 Volkswagen Passat Shanghai-Volkswagen 20,533 7 […]

Chinese Passenger Car Sales Rose 17.3% in the First Quarter

Figures from China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) show carmakers delivered 1,582,783 sedans/hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs, and micro-vans in March, 13.5% more than a year earlier. In the first three months, wholesales of Chinese-made passenger cars went up 17.3% on year to 4,418,733 (4,209,470 units sold within China). With deliveries up 55%, MPVs have become the fastest […]

Chinese Pickup Truck Sales by Model in 2012

Demand for pickup trucks in China, where they are counted as commercial vehicles, have been suppressed by several factors. Mostly of body-on-frame designs and made by native companies, these vehicles lack the comfort and reliability of popular passenger cars, and produce more emissions. In many parts of the country, one needs a special permit and […]

Chinese EV Sales Ranking for 2012

While doubling the size it was in 2011, the Chinese market for plug-in electric cars remained extremely small last year. According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, automakers based in China delivered only about 12,000 high-speed pure electrics and 1,500 plug-in hybrids in 2012, which, combined, accounted for 0.826% of the 15,495,200 passenger cars sold. […]

Best Selling Cars in February

Due to the holiday break for Spring Festival, which reduced the number of work days to 17 in the month, February’s auto sales fell 33.42% from a year earlier to 1,354,600, disclosed today China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. In the first two months of 2013, deliveries rose 14.72% to 3,389,100. Passenger car sales reached 1,111,900 […]

EV Promotion Missed Target: Ministry of Industry

"The country failed to achieve the green-car objective set for 2012," admitted Su Bo, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, on Thursday. Unless stronger, more effective measures are taken, he said, it is impossible to reach 500,000 sales of alternative-fuel vehicles in the period between 2012 and 2015, a target set by the State […]

Ultra-luxury car sales in China slowed in 2012

Sales growth of ultra-luxury cars in China declined sharply in 2012 as consumers curbed spending on high-end products in general. The six major brands, as listed below, delivered a total of about 5,550 cars, 12.8% more than 2011. From 2010 to 2011, their combined sales nearly doubled. The overall luxury car market in China, as […]

Best-Selling Models in January

Auto sales in the first month of 2013 soared 46.38% from a year earlier to 2,034,500, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). The passenger car market expanded 48.68% to 1,725,500, while sales of buses and trucks reached 309,000 on a 34.75% increase. Analysts say the high growth may be illusory as some automakers, […]

Chinese Truck Sales Dropped 6.8% in 2012

2011 and 2012 chinese truck sales

As the Chinese economy cooled down, the country’s truck industry had been in contraction mode for two consecutive years. After setting a record of 3.861 million in 2010, sales of cargo-carriers decreased 8.18% to 3. 545 million in 2011 and 6.8% to 3,303,800 last year. In 2012, the heavy-duty sector continued to see sharp falls, […]

2012 China Passenger Car Sales by Brand

Data below come from China Passenger Car Association, and do not cover commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, semi-trailers, pick-ups, etc.) or imported models. Rank Brand Deliveries in 2012 1 Volkswagen 2,050,193 2 Wuling 1,212,277 3 Hyundai 855,996 4 Nissan 751,509 5 Changan (Chana) 748,279 6 Toyota 745,565 7 Chevrolet 704,857 8 Buick 700,007 9 Honda 587,415 […]