Data from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) show that vehicle makers in the country delivered 2,156,400 units in the first month of 2014, 5.99% more than a year earlier. The number sets a new record in monthly sales of China-made new automobiles. Passenger car sales increased 7.03% to 1,846,900, while the market of commercial … Read more

Sales numbers below do not include imports. They are compiled using data from China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). The cars counted were all made in China, being two-/three-box sedans, SUVs, or MPVs, and did not include commercial vehicles (pickup trucks, microvans, buses, etc.). Rank Brand Sales in 2013 1 Volkswagen 2395696 2 Hyundai 1030808 3 … Read more

Sales numbers listed below cover only two- or three-box sedans, MPVs, and SUVs. Pickup trucks, microvans and other commercial vehicles are not included. Rank Car Maker Deliveries 1 Shanghai GM 1,542,559 2 Shanghai Volkswagen 1,525,008 3 FAW Volkswagen 1,513,618 4 Beijing Hyundai 1,030,808 5 Dongfeng Nissan 926,229 6 Chang’an Ford 682,686 7 Great Wall 627,436 … Read more

In contrast with soaring domestic demand, oversea orders for China-made vehicles fell in 2013, thwarting the country’s effort to become a major auto exporter. After surpassing 1 million in 2012, shipments to buyers abroad fell 7.5% last year to 977,300 units, data from CAAM show. Automakers exported a total of 596,300 passenger cars, 9.8% less … Read more

An official from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) disclosed at the 2013 Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (GNEV) that the Chinese market of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) expanded 37.9% last year to 17,600 units, which included 14,604 pure electrics and 3,038 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). According to him, automakers in the country rolled out 17,500 … Read more

Top 30 best-selling MPVs in 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 Wuling Hongguang SGMW 448,484 2 Dongfeng Fengxing Lingzhi Dongfeng Fengxing 110,112 3 Chana Honor Chang’an 91,069 4 Buick GL8 Shanghai-GM 70,191 5 Dongfeng Fengxing Joyear Dongfeng Fengxing 70,077 6 JAC Refine JAC 54,152 7 FAW Xenia (Senya) FAW Jilin 40,424 8 VW Touran Shanghai-VW … Read more

Top 40 best-selling SUVs in 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 Haval H6 Great Wall 217,889 2 VW Tiguan Shanghai-VW 199,782 3 Honda CR-V Dongfeng-Honda 199,333 4 Hyundai ix35 Beijing-Hyundai 156,876 5 Great Wall M4 Great Wall 128,054 6 Nissan Qashqai Dongfeng-Nissan 124,589 7 Toyota RAV4 FAW-Toyota 117,800 8 Audi Q5 FAW-VW 102,514 9 Ford … Read more

Top 100 best-selling sedans (hatchbacks or notchbacks) in 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 VW Lavida Sedan Shanghai-VW 374,056 2 Buick Excelle Shanghai-GM 296,183 3 VW Sagitar FAW-VW 271,188 4 VW Jetta FAW-VW 263,408 5 Chevy Sail, sedan version Shanghai-GM 263,163 6 Nissan Sylphy Dongfeng-Nissan 259,545 7 Chevy Cruze Shanghai-GM 246,890 8 VW Bora FAW-VW … Read more

New vehicle sales topped 20 million in China last year, setting a new world record. Automakers based in the country sold a total of 21,984,100 units, 13.87% more than 2012, according to a report released on January 9 by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). The count includes nearly 18 million passenger vehicles and over … Read more

Ford announced on Monday that its sales in China came close to one million last year on a 49.3% growth from 2012. Of the total of 935,813 deliveries, 678,951 came from Chang’an Ford, which saw a year-on-year increase of 62.2%, and 230,006 from the joint venture with Jiangling, which recorded a growth of 15%. The … Read more

Top 70 best-selling sedans (hatchbacks or notchbacks) in November 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 Nissan Sylphy Dongfeng-Nissan 31,333 2 Buick Excelle Shanghai-GM 25,673 3 Chevrolet Cruze Shanghai-GM 24,909 4 VW Jetta FAW-VW 24,244 5 Chevrolet Sail, notchback version Shanghai-GM 21,783 6 Emgrand EC7 Geely 20,953 7 Ford Focus, hatchback version Changan-Ford 20,859 8 VW … Read more

Top 70 best-selling sedans (hatchbacks or notchbacks) in October 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 VW Lavida, notchback version Shanghai VW 30,272 2 VW Jetta FAW VW 27,719 3 Chevy Cruze Shanghai GM 26,273 4 Nissan Sylphy Dongfeng Nissan 24,589 5 Buick Excelle Shanghai GM 23,463 6 Ford Focus, hatchback version Changan Ford 21,784 7 … Read more

At the green auto show currently underway at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, Volkswagen and its partner FAW have unveiled the "Carely" EV, derived from the Bora compact sedan (a local version of Jetta). It is the first time that the China-only brand has made a public appearance. We have known since mid-2011 … Read more

Top 60 best-selling sedans (two- or three-box versions) in September 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 VW Lavida Shanghai Volkswagen 29,952 2 VW Jetta FAW Volkswagen 26,943 3 Buick Excelle Shanghai GM 26,875 4 Chevy Cruze Shanghai GM 24,744 5 Nissan Sylphy Dongfeng Nissan 22,972 6 Hyundai Elantra Langdong Beijing Hyundai 22,789 7 VW Sagitar … Read more

Report released today by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) showed strong growth of 19.66% in September vehicle sales. Automakers in the country delivered 1,935,800 units in what dealers call the "golden month" of the year. The count includes 1,593,500 passenger cars (up 21.12% on year) and 342,300 buses and trucks (up 13.3% on year). … Read more