Last night Chery celebrated the release of the all-new compact, Arrizo7, with a party at the China Pavilion in Shanghai, built originally for the 2010 World Expo. Eight portal and video websites were invited to provide live coverage, and the party was shown in real time on large LED screens installed in the downtown of … Read more

Shenzhan BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. (BDNT) signed a MOU with three distributors on Wednesday, preparing for the release of the first DENZA model in the middle of 2014. Zhongsheng Group, Lei Shing Hong, and Pangda Auto Trade were enlisted for DENZA sales and services in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing, respectively. BDNT also confirmed … Read more

Among the many Chinese makers of low-speed, short-range electric vehicles GreenWheel stands out as a more competent one, having a long product line and relatively advanced development and manufacturing facilities. Over thirty models are showcased on its website, ranging from school buses to sedans, trucks, and golf cars. The most eye-catching vehicle from the Shenzhen-based … Read more

In exchange for having a BYD production base, the city of Changsha placed an order for 1,000 K9 buses in 2010, which would all be locally made. After a number of delays the first batch were finally delivered on July 16 (not counting the two K9s that had been in field trials). 30 of the … Read more

Honda China announced that it signed an agreement with GAC (Guangzhou Auto) on Wednesday to jointly manufacture Acura-brand cars in China. Aiming to roll out the first local-built Acura in 2016, the two sides are working on details of the production plan. Earlier this year, Acura launched at the 2013 Shanghai motor show the "Concept … Read more

Last November at a press conference introducing BYD’s plan to electrify public transport, Chairman Wang Chuanfu talked about extending the company’s EV line beyond the e6, F3DM, and K9 to include a "T" series of light-duty trucks–the T3, T5, and T7. The cargo carriers will be designed to run delivery routes in urban areas at … Read more

FAW has derived the entire Besturn lineup from Mazda6. The B70 in particular is, in its current form, modeled upon the first generation of the Japanese car (so is the B50). As the company prepares to release the locally-built Atenza, it upgrades the Besturn B70 by transplanting it to the platform of the second-gen Mazda6, … Read more

Toyota’s Coaster is perhaps the most copied vehicle in China. In the past thirty years, it is estimated that the popular minibus has been cloned by well over a hundred local manufacturers. The copycats include not only little-known brands but mainstream players like JAC, King Long, and Higer. Realizing lawsuits could not stop the rampant … Read more

Data from CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers) show that overseas sales of China-made vehicles lost momentum in the first half of 2013 due to depressed demand and appreciation of the Yuan. Compared with H1 2012, shipments fell 0.6% to 486,800. Exports of passenger cars posted a positive growth of 2.3%, significantly lower than the … Read more

Automakers in China delivered 5,114 pure-electric and 775 plug-in hybrid vehicles in the first six months of 2013, according to CAAM (China Association of Automobile Manufacturers). Compared to the same period a year ago, sales of plug-in EVs (PEVs)–at a combined total of 5,889–rose 42.7%. Production of PEVs went up 56.3% to 5,885 units, which … Read more

Sales of China-made automobiles rose 12.34% from a year earlier to 10,782,200 in the first half of 2013, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). Total output gained 12.83% to 10,751,700 units. The passenger car market expanded 13.81% to reach 8,665,100 units; that of commercial vehicles grew 6.68% to 2,117,100. Breakdown of H1 auto … Read more

For an overview of passenger car sales in June and the first half of 2013, please click here. Top 50 best-selling sedans in June 2013 Rank Models Makers Deliveries 1 VW Lavida Shanghai Volkswagen 25,610 2 VW Sagitar FAW Volkswagen 24,064 3 Chevy Sail, notchback version Shanghai GM 24,046 4 Buick Excelle Shanghai GM 22,483 … Read more

The Chinese government restricts the public’s access to information on a wide range of subjects that are considered non-sensitive in most other countries. There are no publicized official figures on, for instance, how big the country’s land mass is, how many are executed by law each year, how widespread or serious soil pollution is, and … Read more

Carmaking ventures in China delivered 1,398,902 units in June, pushing sales in the first half of the year to 8,657,153. Compared to the same period a year ago, the passenger car market expanded 9.7% in June and 14% in H1 2013. Within China, deliveries rose 12.3% to 1,289,665 in June and 16.7% to 8,178,417 in … Read more

Angry with a series of reports from the 21st Century Business Herald (21CBH), the German carmaker’s chief in China, Nicholas Speeks, has ordered cancellation of advertisements on one of the country’s most influential financial news media. The move came as Mercedes-Benz China battles a spreading PR crisis, of which 21CBH has carried extensive coverage and … Read more