July’s Best Selling Sedans and SUVs

China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM): A total of 1.244 million new vehicles were sold in July, up 14.42% from July 2009 but down 11.9% from June. Passenger car sales reached 946,200 units, 9.27% less than June but 13.55% more than a year ago. 655,100 Sedans were delivered, 7.07% less than June. SUV sales fell […]

Mercedes-Benz Sales in China Tripled in July

New car sales of Mercedes-Benz China reached yet another record monthly high in July. Data from Daimler AG show that consumers in mainland China bought nearly 14,500 vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Maybach, and Smart brands last month, 201% more than July 2009. For the first seven months, sales gained 134% to 74,070 units, surpassing […]

Forget Leaf and Volt. You Can Have a Zotye EV Now!


Zotye Auto is one of those lesser-known Chinese automakers that aspire to become a major player in the future global market of electric cars. While many are still waiting for the general release of Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, or BYD e6, Zotye already started delivering its affordable, high-speed, all-electric cars to individual consumers. And they […]

Wuling Resists Selling SGMW Stake to GM


General Motors has been so successful in China that people tend to forget that it too has suffered quite a few setbacks there over the years. One major unfulfilled desire of its is to have more say in SGMW, the largest microcar maker in China. A partnership between SAIC, GM, and Wuling, SGMW sells more […]

BYD Lowers 2010 Sales Target by 1/4

Our July 9 analysis that BYD could not meet the goal of selling 0.8 million units in 2010 proved well-grounded. Yesterday, the Shenzhen-based, Hong Kong-listed automaker announced that it had lowered this year’s sales target to 0.6 million. BYD sold 33,046 new cars in July, down 6% from June. For the first seven months, sales […]

July Sales: Chang’an Ford, Shanghai VW, GM China

Chang’an Ford: The passenger car joint venture sold 18,255 Ford brand vehicles in July (not including commercial vehicles, mainly Transit MPV, sold by Jiangling Ford). Focus continued to be its No.1 selling model, delivering 11,413 units, followed by Fiesta at 4,246 units. In the first seven months of this year, Chang’an Ford sales reached 170,053 […]

Geely Completes Acquisition of Volvo Cars


A ceremony took place in London today to mark the completion of the purchase of Volvo Car Corporation by China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The deal was signed on March 28 this year, and ratified by the Chinese government on July 26, by the EU on July 6, and by the US still earlier. Ford […]

Chinese Auto Sales Down 6.7% from June to July–CATARC

Data released by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) today confirmed that July saw the worst monthly sales of new autos in China so far this year. Consumers bought 1,056,200 units, 6.7% less than June. Compared with the same period last year, sales gained 17.18% in July, slowing down from the overall year-on-year growth […]

“New Beetle” EV for Only $3,000?


(The pics: "VW New Beetle" EVs) As today’s China can tell, EVs are not all high-tech, high-priced products gaining favors from governments everywhere. Pure-electric cars can be cheaper and easier to make, and many Chinese officials, especially those in big cities, just cannot tolerate them–even though the general public often find them useful. Workshops have […]

Shanghai GM to Build Chevrolet Captiva


Earlier this week, Shanghai GM’s marketing chief Ren, Jianqiong confirmed that the Captiva crossover SUV will be the next all-new model to roll off the joint venture’s production line. A 2010 fourth quarter release can be expected. Developed by GM Daewoo from the Chevrolet S3X concept and based on the GM Theta platform, Chevrolet Captiva […]

As Demand Softens, More Automakers Could Face Oversupply Risk

Things happen fast in China. Just six months ago, all major vehicle producers here operated night shifts and still could not meet the seemingly insatiable demand. Now about half of them see a glut threat in the rest of the year. Quite a few of them will miss sales targets. According to China Automotive Technology […]

Upcoming Releases: S6, Another Copycar from BYD?


BYD owes much to Toyota. Its best-selling model, F3, is a copycar of Corolla. The newly-released M6 imitates Previa. On September 15, BYD is going to launch its first SUV, the Lexus RX 350-inspired S6. Debuted at 2010 Beijing Auto Show, the S6 mid-size crossover-SUV has a 2740mm wheelbase. 4810mm long, 1855mm wide, 1680mm high, […]